Chasing Away the January Blues: Postcards in the Archive

Apparently, we’ve just passed Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year. Christmas holidays feel long gone, but the bills are turning up. It’s colder, still dark and New Year’s resolutions may by now be discarded. However many of us refuse to be defeated and turn to the prospect of summer holidays to give ourselves something to look forward to, and fortunately we can find a little inspiration in the Mitrinović Archive.

NAF 6-5-3, Postcard of Dubrovnik, Boat on the Water c1920s NAF 6-5-3, Postcard of Dubrovnik with peasant women, c1920s

These charming postcards show us Dubrovnik in, I believe, the 1920s. They were hidden in a folder entitled “Photographs”, so we had no idea that they (and others like them) were there. The photos in the collection are nearly all black and white, so it was a treat to find a splash of colour. The images remind me a bit of Mitsumasa Anno‘s beautiful children’s book illustrations, with their detailed scenery populated with tiny people going about their business.

NAF 6-5-3, Postcard of Dubrovnik, c1920s, 1

The postcards in this case are blank, and were seemingly bought and kept by Dimitrije Mitrinović (or one of his friends), as a souvenir of a holiday in Yugoslavia. I hope that they’ve brought a little bit of the sunny Adriatic coast to our readers here too. And – as a bonus – fans of Game of Thrones might just be struck by a sense of familiarity, as Dubrovnik now plays the part of the fictional King’s Landing.


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  1. David Page

    Nice find!


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