Welcome to The Eleventh Hour!

This blog is my space to share interesting finds from the Mitrinović archive, part of the University of Bradford’s Special Collections. This collection represents the life’s work of Serbian-born philosopher, poet and thinker Dimitrije Mitrinović and the New Atlantis Foundation established after his death to carry on his projects and encourage the study of his ideas. Find out more about the New Atlantis Foundation, now the Mitrinović  Foundation, here. For futher information on Dimitrije Mitrinović, try the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (your public or university library should have a subscription).

NAF9 11th Hour Blog Header

We’re currently at the start of an exciting project to catalogue the complex records created by Mitrinović and his circle, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading about some of the interesting items I’m unearthing. Mitrinović was in contact with philosophers, thinkers, writers and artists across Britain, Europe and further afield. His friends and contacts included Wassily Kandinsky, Ivan Meštrović, Gavrilo Princip, Erich Gutkind, Nobel Prize winner Frederick Soddy, H.G. Wells, Gabriele Münter,  and A.R. Orage. Mitrinović believed in the value of the wisdom of the past, and encouraged the study of works from all periods of history on religion, philosophy, sociology, psychology, and the arts. He created a library, which also fortunately has survived and his now divided between the University of Bradford and the University of Belgrade. Mitrinović’s wide-ranging interests and the fruits of his studies are also reflected in the archive, meaning there really is something to interest almost anyone here!

And why ‘The Eleventh Hour’? Dimitrije Mitrinović was constantly establishing and dissolving various groups in pursuit of his aim to radically alter society, the economy and politics. In 1931 he established The Eleventh Hour Flying Clubs, which became known as The Eleventh Hour Group. The name conveys the sense of urgency that ran throughout his many ventures. Groups of individuals all working towards personal and societal transformation were the cornerstone of Mitrinović’s approach to achieving utopia. It seemed fitting to take the name of one of his groups and use it to help bring this collection to a wider public.



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6 responses to “Welcome to The Eleventh Hour!

  1. David Page

    I love this blog! It is very helpful for my research on the New Europe Group and New Britain Movement. Special Collections staff have been so helpful — and now this! Truly wonderful! A question: in the photo you have posted, who is in the bottom left corner? On my first visit to the archive I noted that “Kitty” was written on the back of the photo. Do you know her last name? I’ve wondered if she was resident/owner of the High Acre property, rather than a figure associated with Gower Street. Any information on her would be greatly appreciated. (From the second edition of Andrew Rigby’s book it seems the seated man to the left of Mitrinovic was Lieutenant-Colonel J. V. Delahaye DSO — years ago I noted that his name was missing from the back of the photo.) Thank you, and I very much look forward to reading your blog entries.


    • Thank you! I’m very glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog and finding it useful too. There is such a lot of great material here, which really helps to inspire me, and I hope others too. As for the photograph, I’m afraid that I haven’t yet been able to identify “Kitty”. You may well be right about her connection to High Acre. It sounds very plausible! I will certainly let you know if I do manage to figure out who she was – or will at least share any further clues.


  2. David Page

    Thank you. Do you have a date for this photo? I know it must be between 1932 and 1936, but is there any information in that photo set that can be used to narrow down that date range? Thanks again!


    • Thanks for your enquiry. Evidence in the archive dates the photograph to 1936. I can’t always be so specific, so it is great to have the evidence in this case!


      • David Page

        Hi again, I’ve now worked out using census records and correspondence that the Kitty is Catherine (Kitty) Sulman [née Fraser], older sister of Winifred Gordon Fraser. A middle sister, Florence, owned High Acre.


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